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Price Drop: Greek God (Books)

April 18 | Posted by admin | Price Drops for iPad

Greek God 1.2.1 Device: iOS Universal Category: Books Price: $1.99 -> $.99, Version: 1.2.1 (iTunes) Description: Ancient Greek, as one of the four ancient civilizations, has exerted an extensive influence on European culture, is the foundation of Western civilization as whole. Ancient Greek mythology was originally a large collection of narratives, created between 1200 and 800 BC. It has been disseminated by ancient Greeks... Read more

Price Drop: iLearnBrush (Healthcare & Fitness)

April 18 | Posted by admin | Price Drops for iPad

iLearnBrush 1.1 Device: iOS Universal Category: Healthcare & Fitness Price: $1.99 -> $.99, Version: 1.1 (iTunes) Description: Learn to brush your teeth with our application, with a timer, a pause, the phases of cleaning. With our program your teeth will be always clean and healthy. You’ll save your money with our application and more rarely attend your dentist. What’s New Fixed bugsiOS 4.3 readyEnglish and German... Read more

Update: Ruminate (Productivity)

April 17 | Posted by admin | Price Drops for iPad

Ruminate 2.1.0 Device: iOS iPad Only Category: Productivity Price: $4.99, Version: 2.0.7 -> 2.1.0 (iTunes) Description: Ruminate is the ultimate way to outline papers and organize research. Now with expanded reference capabilities, more options for sharing, and plenty more, the App Store’s only text-focused mind mapping app is back and better than ever! Don’t just think: Ruminate. Quickly and easily combine your ideas with the... Read more

Update: 必知百科-必须知道的百科知识 (Books)

April 16 | Posted by admin | Price Drops for iPad

必知百科-必须知道的百科知识 2.6 Device: iOS Universal Category: Books Price: Free, Version: 2.5 -> 2.6 (iTunes) Description: 各种百科知识全集,定期更新增加一些百科知识。百科全说”图书包由30部不同类型的百科知识书籍组成,包括奥秘小百科、军事小百科、科学小百科、民俗小百科、生活小百科、心理小百科、艺术小百科。书包中的内容生动有趣、简洁明了、通俗易懂,具有很强知识性和指导性,应为每一个想去探索与发现各种奥秘、想了解和学习各种知识的人所必备! 奥秘小百科:本书介绍的是融实用性、科学性、趣味性于一体的奥秘知识,如人体生物钟的奥秘、人体自燃的奥秘、植物睡眠的奥秘、含羞草的奥秘、鲸鱼集体自杀的奥秘、鸟类迁徙的奥秘、百慕大三角的奥秘、鄱阳湖沉船的奥秘、埃及金字塔的奥秘、鸣沙的奥秘、曹操陵墓的奥秘、楼兰古城衰亡的奥秘、食人部落的奥秘等等。这些奥秘能拓宽你的视野,丰富你的见识,加深你的思维,增进你对身边事物的了解,能动地改造你的主观世界和客观世界。军事小百科:本书分为十二章,分别就战争、世界战争悬案、战争宝藏、世界军事史上的神秘之事、我国明清时期的著名战争、我国反侵略战争、现代高技术局部战争、未来战争等方面展开叙述,同时配以大量精美的插图,并集知识性、故事性、趣味性、可读性于一体,是一本难得的军事科普读物。科学小百科:本书不拘泥于严谨的科学概念,灵活的章节分类,精彩的图文配合,全面的科普内容等,都力求更准确、更生动、更轻松、更具吸引力地介绍我们身边的各种科学小知识,是各类人群科普读物的好选择。民俗小百科:本书从民俗之传统节日、民俗之民间传说、民俗之服饰文化、民俗之饮食文化、民俗之居住文化、民俗之礼仪文化、民俗之生肖文化、民俗之游艺文化、民俗之独特禁忌、民俗之趣味习俗,共十个方面为你讲解了包罗万象的民俗知识。本书集知识性、趣味性、观赏性于一体,是一本不可多得的民俗百科普及读物。生活小百科:本书从丰富多彩的课余生活、科学合理的营养搭配、健康运动有秘诀、培养良好的生活习惯、必须警惕的生活误区、生活保健小常识、生活中应知道的礼仪、培养出色的社交能力、生活中常见疾病预防、生活理财小窍门共10个方面详细介绍了青少年学习、生活方方面面的知识,为青少年朋友依靠自我,实现自立自强提供了参考和借鉴。心理小百科:本书就青少年各种心理问题,如抑郁心理、学习心理、社交心理、挫折心理、早恋心理、青春期性心理、青少年网络心理等,作了详尽、科学的介绍,并提出了相关的建议和改善方法,帮助青少年朋友正确认识自我、认识人生!此外,书中还介绍了大量的心理健康知识,以帮助青少年丰富知识、提高修养,促进青少年对心理问题的深入了解,并进一步引导青少年的行为,为青少年的心理健康保驾护航!心理小百科:本书将艺术最形象、最完美的一面呈现在你面前。通过对书法、绘画、音乐、戏曲、文学、舞蹈、雕刻、建筑、摄影等方面艺术的了解和欣赏,你会领略到艺术的无限魅力,你的审美观念会得到质的提升,你的精神世界将达到一个新的高度。 What’s New 1.修复bug2.优化运行 必知百科-必须知道的百科知识 ... Read more

Update: Bike Climber (Sports)

April 16 | Posted by admin | Price Drops for iPad

Bike Climber 14.1 Device: iOS Universal Category: Sports Price: $.99, Version: 14 -> 14.1 (iTunes) Description: Bike Climber brings you more than 200 of the most important climbs in cycling. New climbs are added with every (free) update. And for all the grand tours, you can find profile maps for every stage. For every climb you will find all relevant statistics as well as a... Read more

Update: La Batalla de Gallípoli (Books)

April 16 | Posted by admin | Price Drops for iPad

La Batalla de Gallípoli 2.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Books Price: $1.99, Version: 1.0 -> 2.0 (iTunes) Description: Audiolibro: La Batalla de GalípoliTras el estallido de la I Guerra Mundial, Alemania y Austria-Hungría, en lo que fue un triunfo de su diplomacia, consiguieron el apoyo militar del Imperio Otomano (la actual Turquía). Francia e Inglaterra, se mostraron preocupados por esta posibilidad. Si Turquía ingresaba... Read more

Price Drop: eCrisper Kiosk (Utilities)

April 16 | Posted by admin | Price Drops for iPad

eCrisper Kiosk 2.4 Device: iOS iPad Only Category: Utilities Price: $9.99 -> $7.99, Version: 2.4 (iTunes) Description: Kiosk software designed to use an iPad as a kiosk to display web content reliable and elegantly.

 For the Mac OS X version visit eCrisper is much more than a fullscreen web browser. It includes several items that can be displayed or hidden depending on your needs: -... Read more

Update: iPrecognition (Lifestyle)

April 16 | Posted by admin | Price Drops for iPad

iPrecognition 2.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Lifestyle Price: Free, Version: 1.1.0 -> 2.0 (iTunes) Description: iPrecognition is a new e-game with a complete ZENER card game. The twenty-five ZENER cards are divided in five groups of five cards. Each group has a different symbol as : a circle, a square, a cross, waves and a star.These cards were created in 1920 for studies in... Read more

Update: SpeechTrans Ultimate Assistant (Travel)

April 16 | Posted by admin | Price Drops for iPad

SpeechTrans Ultimate Assistant 5.10 Device: iOS Universal Category: Travel Price: Free, Version: 5.9 -> 5.10 (iTunes) Description: Video Chat Translation. The worlds most advanced translator just got better with live human or machine translators. Simply email your translation request to and we will send you a human proofed translation for guaranteed accuracy for 7 points per word. Points can be earned for free... Read more

Price Drop: Zoo Train (Education)

April 16 | Posted by admin | Price Drops for iPad

Zoo Train 3.6 Device: iOS Universal Category: Education Price: $1.99 -> $.99, Version: 3.6 (iTunes) Description: Zoo Train features 5 different educational games plus sticker rewards for kids 2-5. Award-winning, kid-tested and lots of fun, Zoo Train lets preschoolers learn as they play! - Games focus on alphabet and letters, word construction, recognizing patterns and shapes, puzzle logic, hand-eye coordination, and musical scale & note... Read more