Update: Kids Sounds – Moo Box Quiz (Entertainment)

March 4 | Posted by admin | Price Drops for iPad

Kids Sounds – Moo Box Quiz 1.04

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Entertainment
Price: Free, Version: 1.03 -> 1.04 (iTunes)


Educational game for children customizable, allowing them to discover the sounds of animals, of musical instruments, of transport, or about their close environment of toys, of family, with tour on picture and sounds. See them become more alert, laugh, be surprised or frightened on hearing the sounds. An excellent application for very small children Principles of the Functionality GAMES There are two distinct game modes: – Discovery Mode [Image discovery] Select a game group, and touch a miniature image, to obtain an enlarged image with its name pronounced, text and sound corresponding to the image. – Playful Mode [Game understanding] Select a game group. The child is asked to touch a particular miniature image in the game group. The child obtains applause if this is the correct answer. The child also obtains an enlarged image with the name pronounced, text, and the sounds corresponding to the image. OPTION The option menu allows you to change the appearance of the game. – Change the language – Display the name of the selected photo – Pronounce the name of the photo on opening the selected photo – Play the sound associated with the picture – Select level difficulty – Show score result for learning mode – Manage the images displayed in a game group according to the preferences of the child ADD MY PHOTOS This section allows you to create your own game groups using your own photos To do this, first select an image to define the game group, then for each of the 12 images in the group, you may select a photo, the sound and a text. For example for a game group of the family, you would select a photo of the father with an appropriate sound , and the text ´†Daddy†ª BUY A GAME GROUP This section allows you to buy a new game group -A game group of a given theme -A blank game group for you to create your own theme For each game group, you can preview its contents and the price.

What’s New

- Added new languages: Polish and Bulgarian.- Improved integration of personal photos- Adjustment for the Retina display- Compatibility iOS 6 and iPhone5- Added a new theme

Kids Sounds – Moo Box Quiz

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